Enabling Evie


Evelyn (Evie) Shears, the beautiful daughter of Aimey and James Shears, was born on 18th January 2012 at 7.27am in Kingston Hospital. Evelyn’s arrival into this world was incredibly distressing. Evelyn was born with the cord round her neck twice and during the final stages of labour, Evelyn suffered significant trauma and subsequently suffocated.  For the first 3 days of her new life, Evelyn was “cooled” through a procedure called ‘Therapeutic hypothermia’. This treatment involved lowering her body temperature to 32-34°C while unconscious, using a blanket or mattress filled with air or fluid. The purpose of this treatment was to cool Evie’s developing brain and slow down the rate of cell damage. Following this, Evie endured MRI scans and these revealed that she has Severe Hypoxic damage (significant brain damage in many areas).  

With current diagnoses of Cerebral Palsy, a movement disorder as well as Retinoblastoma, learning basic life skills including the simple concept of controlled movement, will be a huge challenge for Evie.  She will continue to require high levels of specialist support for the future. This will include appointments with Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech and language Therapists, Specialist Nurse support and Specialist Education provision to name a few. The list is endless.


The Enabling Evie website has been set up to generate continued support for Evie and her family.  It also aims to inform supporters of Evie’s care plan and progress as well as be an environment to generate and share fundraising ideas, messages of support and photographs of the beautiful family.


The contact page of the website also has links to the charities CHECT- Childhood Eye Cancer Trust, a charity providing support and advice for families and children fighting Retinoblastoma and SCOPE- a charity working with disabled people, of all ages, and their families, across England and Wales offering practical, everyday support and delivering campaigns that can change lives. Please visit these sites to support and promote the charities that will be instrumental in providing the Shears family with support now and in the future. Please see the Make a Donation section of the Enabling Evie website for further details of how you can make a difference to Evie and her family.

On Tuesday the 7th February, whilst coming to terms with this devastating news, Aimey and James were hit with another huge blow.  Their beautiful baby girl was found to have Retinoblastoma in both eyes. The family were consequently rushed to the London Hospital. Treatment for Retinoblastoma left Aimey and James with no other choice but for their precious little girl to undergo vigorous Chemotherapy at Great Ormond Street.  She will need 6 sessions with the hope that the tumours will shrink and they may be able to save some of her sight.

Evelyn Shears

Born on 18th January 2012 at 7.27am weighing 8lb6oz.


Set Free on 27th November 2014 at 12:40pm

Forever in our hearts and minds.


It is with a heaving heart I write this post. Our darling, brave girl Evie Shears was tragically diagnosed with a very very rare terminal cancer, leptomeningeal carcinomatosis.


On the 15th august after 10 very exhausting days at GOSH we were allowed to bring our darling girl home. After a very tough 15 weeks Evelyn passed away peacefully in her daddys arms on Thursday 27th November 2014 aged 2 years and 10 months. Evelyn was very strong, always was, but there was no cure or treatment available to her.


We thank you all for all your support and messages of kindness and please continue to support us by going to www.evieboo.muchloved.com